Mosquito Spraying

Langley AFB will be conducting Aerial Mosquito spraying again between 29-31 August, but likely the 29th or 30th after sunset. The spraying area does NOT include York County but the flight pattern will cross over our neighborhood.

Kinnakeet Run Paving

NOTICE - On Friday, 11 August VDOT contractors plan to mill Kinakeet Run entirely and apply the base asphalt course. They will return on Saturday to apply the surface course of asphalt. Depending on weather conditions the surface course may take place on Monday

Kinnakeet Run Paving

VDOT is scheduled to mill Kinnakeet Run on August 8 followed by paving on August 9, 2017. These dates are fluid, especially with possible rain next week, to ensure we get the best product that will last the longest.

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