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HOA Dues

The annual Running Man Community Association dues must be paid by January 31 each year.

Dues (for 2019): $200.00 per house or lot owned. 


Please mail your dues to: 

Running Man Community Association
P.O. Box 2114 
Poquoson, VA 23662 


Be sure to include your Running Man street address on the check to ensure proper credit of your account. Please note that a late fee of $100.00 (makes payment $300) will be applied on all payments made and postmarked between February 1 and February 21. The payment increases to $750 if postmarked after February 21.To avoid additional charges and the initiation of lien action, please make payments on time. Late payments will be turned over to our attorney on February 21 for action in accordance with covenants and bylaws. Once turned over, additional charges are applied and must be collected to avoid further action and fees. 

What do my dues cover?

Just a few examples: median upkeep, playground upkeep, neighborhood entrances, common areas, security cameras, the RMCA attorney, pond maintenance.

At the annual meeting, we present the annual budget and discuss it.  If you have any questions regarding the RMCA budget, please feel free to contact the treasurer or attend any monthly meeting, usually at the clubhouse on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. For exact dates and times, check our calendar. 


What happens to dues when my house is sold?

At the time of sale to the new owner or a transfer of property from one owner to another, the attorney should consider the amount of dues that were paid and based on the fact that they are due each January, prorate that between the two parties at time of closing.


RMCA does not refund any dues. That is a matter between the selling and buying parties via the closing settlement. You need to discuss that with your closing attorney. All lots in Running Man are paid for the year and new assessments become due each January and must be paid by January 31 of each year for a full year by the then current owner to avoid any late charges, legal actions or liens. Your closing official should be able to calculate the difference in prorating depending on the two dates considered for closing. 

What if I rent out my house?

If you move out of Running Man but are renting your house, you'll need to send a change of address to Running Man Community Association to ensure that you don't get any late charges, legal actions, or liens on your property. Please send your new mailing address to:

Running Man Community Association, Inc
P.O. Box 2114
Poquoson, Virginia 23662