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Make the most out of living in this neighborhood​ and join the

RMRA - Pool Membership

Pool membership is voluntary and a separate fee from the HOA dues.  However, RMRA pool membership is exclusive for only Running Man residents!

 Pool Opens Memorial Day Weekend
May 25-27, Noon-6pm​

2024 hours
June 1-2: Noon - 6pm
June 7 - End of School Party 2 - 8pm, Members Only

June 8 - Aug 25:
Mondays: Closed (YMCA Rental, Noon - 3)
Tues, Wed, Thur:  Noon-7pm
Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays:  Noon - 8pm

Aug 26 - 29: Closed
Aug 30 - Sep 2: Noon - 6pm

Pool Events

Late Night Swim: 10am - 10pm
Jun 29
July 27
August 24

Manta Ray Swim Meets: Pool Closes at 4:30pm
June 20th
July 8th (pool already closed)
July 25th

4th of July Bike Parade and Contest: 10:30am
Pool opens at 11 am

Chili Cook Off & Potluck
July 27th (time TBD)

Running Man Recreation Association


Benefits of RMRA Pool Membership:

  • Neighborhood pool that you can ride your bike to

  • REDUCED Clubhouse rental fee

  • Join the neighborhood swim team


One-time initiation fee: $350 (non-refundable)

Annual dues: $445/yr

Pool Membership Requirements:

To obtain a RMRA Pool Membership, applicants must:

  1. Live in Running Man.

  2. Pay the initiation fee.

  3. Pay annual dues as determined by the membership.

  4. Agree to abide by all bylaws, rules and regulations.

  5. Read and sign ANNUALLY the liability release and the pool rules.

  6. Knowingly use the pool at your own risk.

One membership covers all persons RESIDING in the home of the applicant member.  Once membership has been extended, membership shall continue until the member transfers their membership, resigns their membership, no longer owns or rents property in Running Man, OR membership is terminated by the Association.  *THE RMRA RESERVES THE RIGHT TO VERIFY RESIDENCE OF ANY APPLICANT AND MEMBERS OF THEIR HOUSEHOLD.


Pro-Rated Dues Schedule for New Members:

First year dues if joining
Jan 1–July 14:

Full amount of annual dues

First year dues if joining
July 15-Aug14:

50% of annual dues

First year dues if joining

Aug 15–Dec 31:

25% of annual dues

How to Join the RMRA:

  1. Email the membership committee contact for the latest information.

  2. Fill out the Membership Subscription Agreement.

  3. Fill out the Liability Release and the Pool Rules Acknowledgement.

  4. Return completed Subscription Agreement and Liability Release along with payment, to: Running Man Recreation Association, P.O. Box 2292, Poquoson, VA 23662
    OR call Mike Gleason at 757-329-4713.

  5. Once payment is received and your membership is approved, you must make a photo pass for each residing member of your family that is over the age of 5.

Transfer of Membership:

Memberships are transferable and may be conveyed with real estate located in Running  Man, transferred (not sold) to another resident of Running Man, or returned to the  Corporation. The Corporation shall assess a transfer fee, the amount to be determined  by the Board of Directors (not to exceed $100), on all memberships conveyed with real  estate or transferred to another Running Man resident, and payable by the new member  as an additional initial requirement for membership.

Resignation of Membership:

Members may resign their membership in the association, but are not guaranteed any refund of their original initiation fee. Resigning members must notify the  Board at least ninety (90) days in advance. Resigning Members who return their membership to  the Corporation shall not be refunded their initiation fee by the Corporation. The exception to this non-refundable initiation fee is to the members who are in good standing with the Corporation as of 03/01/2024 and who paid an initiation fee of $500 with the intention of a refund when resigning membership. Under no circumstances shall the Board refund more money than was received from the member’s initiation fee (not to exceed $500).

Termination of Membership:

The association can terminate a membership, without any refund of initiation fees or dues, if a member fails or refuses to pay their annual dues or their membership is terminated for cause, including violation of one or more rules or regulations governing the operation of the facilities.

News and Events:

News, events and the latest pool status can be found by joining our E-mail group at 


You can also ask to join our Facebook group by searching for Running Man Recreation Association and requesting membership.

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