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Architectural Control

What you do to your home can affect the value of your (and your neighbors') surrounding property. Therefore, Running Man has established some reasonable standards to protect our neighborhood from potential eyesores. 

What needs approval by Architectural Control?

Any exterior changes to your house or additions on your property must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee. These include (but are not limited to) decks, patios, pools (including above ground), fences, wells, sheds/storage buildings, detached garages, room additions, stain or paint color changes, outdoor kitchens/permanent grills, screen porches, three season rooms, gazebos, trellises, permanent basketball goals, lamp posts, flagpoles, driveway expansions/buttresses, children's playhouses and structures, tree houses, and hardscapes. 


In some of these cases, York County ordinances must also be consulted and followed. York County has published a specific guide for pools and spas.

How much is the application fee?  


How do I apply?

Complete the Architectural Approval Form (top of this page) and submit to David Glover.


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