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Neighborhood Swim Team for the Running Man Community  —  Yorktown, Virginia


For your convenience, all new/changed details for this season are together below:

Amended Registration Prices

$100 first child

$100 second child

$95 each additional child

Team T-shirts
$10 or $12 for personalized
Will need to be paid at registration

How to Register:

Step 1: Fill out the Registration Form

Step 2: Make payment in person
at the clubhouse on either:


Friday, May 29  |  4-5 p.m.
Saturday, May 30  | 9-11 a.m.*

*Tryouts for those needing to try to swim a full 25 without assistance will be held on this day.
For details, see "inexperienced swimmers" listing below.

Practices will begin June 1:

  • Only 1 child per lane will be allowed during initial practices. A Signup Genius will be posted at registration dates or online.

  • Practices will be offered from 9am -12pm and 3-6pm. They will be split up by age group and ability. 

  • More information on these practices will be posted once we have a better idea of the registered children’s ages and abilities. 

Meets: The first meet would be during the week of July 6th and would continue every Monday and Thursday afterwards through the end of July. Meets may be in different formats to limit the amount of kids/people on deck. Parent spectators would need to be reduced to only one per family.  There are a couple of ideas for running meets. One would be to set up a meet similar to year round swimming.  We would break up the age groups into different sessions.  Or, we could run virtual meets. Our team would have a meet at our pool and the other team would do the same at their pool. We would then compile the results electronically. Nothing has been decided, but wanted to fill you in on some initial plans.

City Meet update: There will not be a large City Meet as we have done in the past due to the amount of people and access to the base.  The thought is to possibly do a separate divisional champs meet in the white, red, and blue divisions… but all that is up in the air for now.  

Inexperienced Swimmers: JUST FOR THE 2020 season, we will only be able to open registration to swimmers that are able to swim a full 25 unassisted. Please understand that this is not by our choice.  Due to the COVID 19 social distancing requirements, coaches will not be able to have close contact with swimmers as required by swim lesson type practices in the shallow end.  I know this is a disappointment and something we as a team have always enjoyed!  Our goal is the return to “normal” next year and begin to open regular registrations again. Of course, this could all change if social distancing requirements change.

The Manta Rays, located in Yorktown VA, are a neighborhood-exclusive swim team that participates in the White Division of the Greater Peninsula Swim Association (GPSA).


Any family that holds a pool membership may sign their child/children up for the swim team. We invite everyone with all skill levels to come join in the fun!

Parents please fill out vacation forms if you know the dates your child will be unable to swim

2019 Sponsors
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Michael M. Gleason
Supervising Broker

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Head Coach: Larry Watson

Deputy Coach: Sydney Todhunter

2020 BOARD

President: Casey Nance

Vice President: Mary Flaherty

Treasurer: Meron Lulseged

Liaison: Will Lugo

GPSA Rep: Chris LaFlamme

GPSA Rep: Suzy Maddock


For urgent questions, call Casey Nance: 757.846.6311


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