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The President's Pen (August 2017)

Dear Neighbors,

Much has happened since I last wrote. The neighborhood benefited from a visit, coordinated by our Neighborhood Watch Director Kevin Francis, of the Virginia State Police’s VIN Etching Van. We also heard from Mr. Shepperd (our representative in the Yorktown Board of Supervisors) that VDOT is ready to begin much needed work on Kinnakeet Run. Finally, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality has finally given our choice for the retention pond work permission to work on the pond so we expect to receive various options and quotes shortly to consider.

The Virginia State Police’s VIN Etching was a tremendous opportunity for the community to add an additional level of protection for the vehicles our families depend on. The process of chemical etching was surprisingly easy, quick, and the outcome very professional looking. Personally, I had all three of my family’s vehicles etched! The State Police personnel who provided the service were pleased with the turn out, however, I can’t help but feel we could have done better.

Next, we should begin to see work on Kinnakeet Run within the next couple of weeks. This work is intended to strip off the existing black-top surface, improve the sub-surface road foundation and then relay the black-top surface. This is expected to reduce

Kinnakeet’s current susceptibility to potholes. The new surface will be about 1.5” higher than the current surface and will be tapered into the driveways. Our Traffic Safety Director, Ton Wolters, will have more information for the residents of Kinnakeet Run, of which he is one, after receiving more information on the VDOT’s working schedule.

Additionally, forward progress is slowly being made on the Board’s top priority, the repair of our retention pond near the corner of Victory Boulevard and Running Man Trail. Several months ago the Board contracted with One Environmental Group to survey the retention pond and obtain the necessary permits to conduct the needed work on the pond. Unfortunately, one of the first steps is to receive permission from the Virginia’s Department of Environmental Quality and they were, unfortunately, working to clear a large backlog. Now, with permission, One Environmental Group can move forward with developing options and quotes for the Board to review. We expect to have those options sometime in early August to discuss the best for our community.

Finally, a request for help. We recently had the light at the entrance of Big Bethel and Running Man Trail damaged by a vehicle. It seems that there were many folks who saw the vehicle after the incident, and some even stopped to ensure the driver and passenger were okay. Unfortunately, no one reported the accident to the police. Therefore, there is no official record of the accident to identify who caused the damage allowing us to contact the driver’s insurance company to pay for the needed repairs. That means the repair cost unfairly falls on us as a community, and we must redirect funds we planned to use elsewhere. So if you see an accident in the neighborhood please report it to the police.

In summary, progress being made, and is picking up steam, on many of our community improvement project and it is exciting!

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