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The President's Pen | April 2017

Dear Neighbors,

Warmer weather is fast approaching and will stay, allowing us all to focus on more outdoor activities. The first sign that the arrival of spring is imminent is our children's school Spring Break. This is a good time for a quick family getaway or maybe spending some quality family time sprucing up the yard for the coming summer. Maybe even identifying those items you want to pull out for the upcoming Running Man Community Yard Sale scheduled for 6 May. Whatever choice you make, I'm sure it will be enjoyable.

As Spring arrives we will begin to see even more of our neighbors walking, jogging, and riding their bikes or skateboards. Please remain vigilant and watch your speed while in Running Man. The speed limit is 25 mph on all Running Man streets. I know it is too easy to have our vehicles moving at 30 to 35 mph if we're not paying attention, but it is for our own safety as well as that of our neighbors that you are watchful of your speedometer! Speaking of neighbors, this speed limit is also in effect in adjacent neighborhoods such as Wythe Creek Farms (Brentmeade Dr.) and Sherwood Forest (Robin Hood Dr.) Let's be sure to be good neighbors as we travel through their neighborhoods as well.

Again, this is our neighborhood, and your involvement can only make us better. If you have some time available and you would like to contribute, let us know!


Eric Todhunter

RMCA President

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